*Most Products are made to order unless other wise noted.*

Q: How long does it take to get my item ?

A: Most items are made to order unless otherwise noted. The description section of each product will list approximate shipping times. Unless its a special item, most orders take 7-12 business days to ship. 


Q: Can I exchange my product after I order?

A: Yes but it must be done within 2 days from order date.


Q: Do you do custom requests/merchandise ?

A: Yes we do. As the Dbruze brand does many of todays artist merchandise, please email darienbruze@gmail.com for any custom design requests.


Q: Why don't you guys answer back on social media?

A: With the tremendous amount of messages received, typically no social media messages will be answered. Its always best to email Darienbruze@gmail.com

*All inquiries, questions, or concerns can be directed to darienbruze@gmail.com*

For General Questions: darienbruze@gmail.com